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KLPC Services - Education

Kawartha Lakes Pregnancy Centre

  1. What are BABY BUCKS ?
    • BABY BUCKS are a non transferable currency issued by KLPC to clients who participate in selected programmes.
  2. What can BABY BUCKS get me?
    • BABY BUCKS can be redeemed for New Items including
      • Baby and Children's (clothing sizes depend on availablity)
      • Toys and Books
      • Items for Mom
  3. When can I use BABY BUCKS ?
    • BABY BUCKS can be used at the Baby Boutique which is held several times per year.

  4. Can I use Canadian Bucks at the baby boutique?
    • NO! NO! NO! nor Canadian Tire Money

  5. Why Can I use only BABY BUCKS at the baby boutique?
    • This program is to encourage you to participate in the educational and personal development programes offered at KLPC

  6. How Can I get BABY BUCKS ?
    • By paricipating in the educational programes offered at KLPC like:
      • Pregnancy/labour and delivery information classes
      • Birth Plan/Parenting Plan
      • Parenting Education
      • Cooking Class
      • Breastfeeding Information Session

    • or personal development programes offered at KLPC like:
      • Relationship Issues
      • Life Boat Program (7 week program to help examine your life and realities of parenting)
      • MOMS Group
      • Breastfeeding Support