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  • Sex and Me

    • What is love?

      • Genuine love is hard to define because it has many qualities. True love cares genuinely for a total person. Look for someone who values you for who you really are, someone who values your intellect, your dreams and your hopes for the future. Real love is willing to sacrifice for the other person and it is about a commitment to care for the well-being of that person.
    • Differences Between Love and Sex

      • It is easy to confuse lust with love. Lust is selfish and demands immediate gratification. Lust says: %quot I want it now regardless of the consequences.%quot Love wants the best for the other person. Love is unselfish. It is willing to wait for the right time and the right circumstances.
    • Why do some teens have sex?

      • There are many reasons why teenagers choose to have sex, often even to their own detriment. Some may choose to have sex in an attempt to find love. People desperately need to be loved by someone who is important to them. A women makes a tragic mistake when she tries to gain love by giving sex.
    • Reasons to say %quot No %quot to teenage sex.

      1. It prevents teen pregnancy.
      2. It reduces the intensity of the heartbreak and rejection when a relationship ends.
      3. It prevents STD's.
      4. It preserves self-respect.
      5. It keeps me from being distracted from my life's goals and future education.
      6. It keeps me from being used and abused.
      7. It allows you to have fun relationships without the pressure of sex.
    • How to say %quot No! %quot

      Once you have developed an attraction to a person, it can be very difficult to say %quot No %quot . Therefore:
      1. Be upfront. Let your partner know that you are saving sex for your future marriage partner.
      2. Consider group or double dating.
      3. Set limits before you get into a compromised situation.
      4. Keep your clothes on.

You are not alone.

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